Omni Addiction & Mental Health Services

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Mission Statement

I believe that people have an immense potential to improve their life, overcome their challenges and restore themselves. My goal is to provide safe, effective, client specific programming, tailored towards achieving that client's health and lifestyle goals. Delivered with a first class, motivational and professional approach while helping them become aware of their inner strength through a process of examining their thoughts and feelings. Sometimes life can feel quite daunting, stressful, and outright intense. Life can be challenging in its adjustments, and often significant changes can trigger distress. Though certain issues are impossible to comprehend or even consider how to cope with them. In your fight, you 're not alone. A specialist will enable you to take the necessary steps to achieve your greater “you”. Let me guide you to discover the source of your problems, and together we will overcome them. I aim to work with you to eliminate the cognitive and emotional limitation we often place on ourselves. In addition, establish an environment of compassion which inspires hope and change. Allowing people to feel that they are significant, supported, and embraced. Because everyone deserves a life full of purpose. If you question yourself, "Can I simply change now?” You can. When things are difficult, it takes courage to reach out and seek help. With compassionate guidance, I encourage you to discover a positive approach. I offer therapeutic services that can bring benefits to your life. I look forward to hearing from you.